The first Innerload album is characterized by an incredible energy, that mixes styles and influences in a very original genre and a mix of aggressiveness and melody. The result is a new music but at the same time able to take the energy of the golden age of Heavy Metal.

Lyrics concern mainly about topical subjects and social commitment, but also talk about introspective themes and fantastic stories, in the true power metal style.

Released 25 November 2011
Format CD
Type Studio
Genre Heavy Metal
Length 35:09
Barcode 8000130120144
Catalog Number SGCD046

Recorded at Majestic Studio in Scorzè (VE)
Mixed and mastered by Marino de Angeli
Cover art by Davide Magoga
Artwork concept by Innerload
Artwork by SG Records Design Studio
Band photography by Geko Studio Fotografico, Hannibal Height, Alessandra V., Marzia Dal Gesso
“Fake World” videoclip recorded by Silos Production
Directed by Simone Vincenzi.
Edited by Ilaria Marchini, Massimiliano Mattioni, Simone Vincenzi, Fabio Rancati