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The War Is In My Mind

The War Is In My Mind
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Released 20 January 2012
Format CD
Type Studio
Genre Heavy Metal
Length 52:21
Barcode 8000130120182
Catalog Number SGCD050
Country Italy
Edition date 2012
Distribution Andromeda / Bertus

A kaleidoscope of styles: fusion, progressive, metal and much more that the guitarist Gabriele Pala mixes in an job accessible despite the melodic and structural complexity.

The last album song is featured by Stian "Culto" Johansen (Mayhem, Con Anima, Shadow Dancers, ...).


Recorded mixed and mastered by Gabriele Pala

Vocals on "(Dead) On The Road" by Stian Culto

Cover art by Gabiele Pala
Artwork by OmniWorld Visual

Photos: G. Assirelli, G. Tonzar


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Radio Broadcasts

Black Collar Radio
Headbangers FM
Headbangers FM
The NoiseHour Radio Show
Radio Padania



Gabriele Pala: extended range guitars, chapman stick, vocals, programming

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