SG Records is a division of Your Distribution, a company dedicated to music business as well as to artistic production thanks to the joint venture with yourArt s.c.r.l. sociale. The synergy with this two companies greatly increases the SG Records potential, that aims to become a reference label among fans of prog metal and guitar shredders.

Based in the centre of Italy, SG Records combines an enthusiasm for providing music fans with the highest quality releases with a forward-thinking musical foresight. SG Records is growing quickly, SG artists collaborate repeatedly with world recognized artists and famous music brands and the number of SG releases is increasing constantly, and more and more popular artists contact SG Records to showcase their music. Among the artists already published by SG Records there are the prog band Empty Tremor: the former band of Daniele Liverani and Oliver Hartmann; Tiago Della Vega: the first Guinness recordman as "World fastest guitar player"; Ivan Mihaljevic: the most promising rock guitarist in Croatia; Naughty Whisper: the dark gothic band sponsored by Johnny Lee Michaels (the hystorical producer of The 69 Eyes), Gianluca Ferro and Angels And Demons by Alex Stornello, internationally renowned guitarist and teacher of unquestionable experience.

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