Puff Purple

GENRE Heavy Metal
CITY Macerata

Francesca Bonvini: vocals, keyboards and backing vocals
Michele Broglia: vocals and backing vocals
Cinzia Traballoni: backing vocals
Marco Vitali: guitar and backing vocals
Sebastiano Ciccalè: guitar
Leonardo Ciccarelli: bass
Alex Perugini: bass
Josafat Farroni: bass and backing vocals
Alessandro Camela: drums and backing vocals

Action Man by Puff Purple out today

"Action Man", the new Puff Purple single, is available today. The unforgettable Italian theme song of the cartoon "Action Man", sung by the original interpreter Marco Destro. B-side of the single is "Una Spada Per Lady Oscar" in the version presented at the Lucca Comics On Tour 2014.

The single is on sale on all digital platforms, included Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.