Every shape And Size teaser by Silver Lake available today

Out today Every Shape And Size teaser by Silver Lake. The 10 tracks featured on “Every Shape And Size” face the pain, the anger and the fear hidden in the soul of each. The Silver Lake second album realease will be on June 7. The album first single video, Shaping The Scarlet Flame, will be available on May 22.

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Power Fusion by Angels And Demons out on June 14

The countdown to Power Fusion release date is started. The first and highly anticipated album by Alex Stornello's Angels And Demons will be out on June 14 and in digital download on June 12. Angels And Demons is a power trio that combines the power of Rock-Metal, the refinement of Fusion and atmosphere of Jazz in a unique mix ready to impress and bring the listener to a new dimension of instrumental music.

This new band will present the album at Music Italy Show in Bologna on June 14 and 15.

Ibridoma's Night Club on sale today

After 2 years from the first album Ibridoma comes back with an excellent blend of powerful sounds and melodies child of Hard Rock and Classic Heavy Metal.
Night Club is the last work by the Italian band Ibridoma, and is on sale from today April 13, 2012.

This new album was produced by Michael "Elvis" Baskette (FL, USA), his works and credits include Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots, Limp Bizkit and RATT. 

Alex Stornello's Angels And Demons joins SG Records family

SG Records is pleased to welcome in its family  Angels And Demons, power trio led by the renowned guitarist Alex Stornello, "Modern Music Institute" president.

In the combo with Alex Stornello there are Giorgio "JT" Terenziani, Rock/Metal bass player and one of the best live performers in Italy and Paolo Caridi,  Arthemis, Killing Touch and Michele Luppi Band Drummer.

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Out today the new Thy Gate Beyond album

The new Thy Gate Beyond album, Enemy At The Gates, is released today January 18, 2013. After several albums, and years to tread the stages in Italy, finally their 80s thrash/speed lands in SG Records with this new album, that offers a sound clearly influenced by the American Metal scene as well as the German one.

Lexxy from Naughty Whisper endorses Istanbul

Naughty Whisper and SG Records are glad to announce the endorsement deal between the drummer Lexxy and Istanbul/Alchemy, thanks to the Italian importer Gold Music.

Istanbul Agop Cymbals is a Turkish cymbals producer well respected for its unique sound, which is formed by the method and the alloy used, Alchemy is the brand of hand-made cymbals.

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